Welcome to Alpha Logic

Alpha Logic is an independent waste management company that helps organisations across Plymouth, Devon and the South West to transform how they dispose of their waste.

We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations right from the start of our relationship. We specialise in making sense of your waste, to save you time and money and, equally importantly, minimise your environmental impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to be the leading independent provider of sustainable recycling and waste management solutions for organisations in the South West. We will achieve this by:

Bringing economic, environmental and social sustainability into every decision with our clients

Providing innovative, efficient and cost-effective waste management and recycling solutions for our clients

Reducing the carbon footprint for our clients and Alpha Logic

Developing relationships that are of mutual benefit with clients, suppliers and employees

Developing partnerships that add value on several levels

Latest News

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Plastic isn’t always fantastic…. especially when you’re part of our Blue Planet

Jan 15, 2018

Plastic may have changed our lives irrevocably since its invention in 1862¹ but despite its often lifesaving and life changing uses, it is also having a catastrophic effect on our planet and its nature, particularly marine life. How has this happened and what can we do to reverse this disastrous impact?

Why waste segregation matters

Oct 13, 2017

There’s a bin for everything or there should be. As a business, it’s all too easy to think that managing your waste is a waste of time, overlooking the impact it can have on both your bottom-line as well the environment. Clearly that’s not the view of the Government who, in January 2015, put in place new regulations that required businesses to have separate collections for paper, metal, plastic and glass in addition to other waste streams.